Home Buyers Mistakes - #3 - Failing to coordinate


Failing to coordinate closings

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Laura and Julie from Century 21 JC Jones Grants Pass here...

Speaking of closing the deal...
Yes, we know you are not there yet (even though if you gave us a chance, we would get you there in no time)...

As an avid home searcher and real estate market researcher, you know pretty much everything is there to know about the home buying process. You find the property you want, you make an offer, YAY they accept it, you are in!

Well, slow down!
Now it is time to make sure that everything is coordinated in such a manner that you can have the new home's keys in your hands on closing date.

What does that mean?
It means that with all the people involved such as mortgage experts, appraisers, lawyers, loan officers, title company representatives, home inspectors or pest inspectors the chances of mix-ups and miscommunication go up dramatically. To avoid a logistical nightmare ensure you work closely with your agent.

Your agent should handle all that for you. Your agent should keep you updated with everything that happens during that time. We do. :)

Finally, we would really love to meet you face to face. We are not sales people, we are just "people". We hate just as much as you to be pushed or pressured into anything.

How about a cup of coffee and donuts (you pick the flavor) and we just talk about your plans and how to get you where you want to be when it comes to home buying?

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